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I have done lots of new stuff since I arrived to UK. Like this epic commercial for Money Super Market :


So it worth to put it all together in a "real" portfolio website rather than a blog. Something that is going to look like this:

Simple but handy.
And almost certainly this will be at least the penultimate blog entry after several years of faithful service. Stay tuned and take a brief look to some of my last jobs! :
"Isle of Dogs" directed by Wes Anderson. Armature Maker.
"Epic Action Man" for Money Super Market. Armature Maker. 

"Love Island", window displays for Louis Vuitton.
Metalworks, Model Maker and some LED lighting for Scenic Sets Ltd.

"Constellations", window displays for Christian Dior. 
Metalworks, Model Maker for Scenic Sets Ltd.

Thanks for watching! See you soon in the new website.

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