Amig@s Websites

One great thing about my job is the opportunity to meet brilliant people and companies. The list will be growing constantly, but here is a few ones who could be a great value for your next project:

HEY HEY POPS – Sofia Rodriguez, Model Maker & Graphic Designer. UK
ARCH MODEL STUDIO Puppet & Model Makers Company. UK
SCENIC SETS – Model Making, Set Building & Dressing, Design. UK
THE COCKPIT Fringe theatre, Classes & Courses, Hiring spaces. UK
ETCETERA THEATRE Theatre, comedy, cabaret and musical acts. UK
IÑAKI CARBONELL – Animator & Modeler. Spain
ADRIÁN PIQUERAS Animator, Modeler & Ilustrator. UK/Spain.
DAVID CASTRO Director & Producer. Spain
CESAR LINGA – Animator & Director. Spain
TALLER DIOGENES – Carmen Pérez-Luco, Scenographer. Spain
PUPPETS & CLAY Historian and writer specialised in Stopmotion. Spain
CRISTINA ACUÑA – Set dresser, Scenic Painter & Model Maker. UK/Spain.
ATELIER L’ERGONE – Puppetry & Model Making, Props & Sculpture. Bruxelles
IBG CREATIONS – Ivan Bejerano, Sculptor, Props and Creatures Painter. UK
RUT VILLAMAGNA – Scenic Artist & Painter. UK
EL PATICANO – The Holy Duck Church, created by Leo Bassi . Spain.
ANNA ROVIRA – Character Animator and Crocheter. UK.
JESSICA SUTTON – Art Director & Model Maker. UK

… and many others coming soon!.