Theatre & Sound

In paralell to my stop motion career I have worked as theatre technician. During that time I have covered a great variety of tasks along my almost 14 years of experience: stage manager, show operator, sound & lighting, technical support, set building and stage hand.

I have also been working in the audiovisual industry as sound designer, foley artist, location sound recording and boom operator for areas like: ENG/DOCS, Commercial/Corporate, TV/Short Films, ADR and voiceover/dubbing recording.

Despite those areas are not my main ground right now I still enjoying to explore and experiment with new sound stuff and eventually colaborating in projects. I can provide a detail resume of my work in these areas if you want further information.

Working as Stage Manager for Leo Bassi during his show «Utopia» around 2012.
A2042 Shortfilm directed by David Castro where I did all the sound.